Hand Therapy


Grabbing a pen, buttoning up a shirt and setting up dinner are among ordinary errands we underestimate until the point we face an injury or illness that anticipates typical utilization of our hands. Our therapist team at Advanced Therapy Services clinic helps patients of any age encountering functional constraints at an upper proximity, from shoulders to fingers. Treatment might be appropriate if you’ve managed to damage your bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, supply routes, veins or skin of the furthest point.

Wounds can happen amid a mishap at work, at home, in the network or even while driving. Wounds now and then happen from abuse. Whatever the reason or condition, the specialists at Advanced Therapy Services are here to facilitate your manifestations and enhance your upper extremity function. We will likely return you to typical exercises of everyday living.

Hand Therapy Services

The Advanced Therapy Services team incorporates occupational therapists certified in hand therapy and we have the most experienced therapy assistants as well. Our group discusses intimately with the patient, each other and the alluding doctor to guarantee best practices, individualized care, and most extreme gains. A doctor referral is important to get our hand therapy services.

An individualized, objective arranged treatment plan is produced to reestablish function and autonomy for every patient. This arrangement fuses an assortment of treatment techniques to address different concerns, including pain, impaired function, and decreased range of motion, weakness, scarring, edema, wounds, excessive touchiness, diminished sensation/neuropathy and muscle fits.


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